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In order to bring you the most recent conference news, Sirens offers an RSS feed for our news. Please click the RSS Feed button below in order to subscribe to our feed. For more information on RSS, please read the information below. If you have questions about our RSS feed, please email us at (web at

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What is RSS?

In common terms, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It allows you to pick the content you are interested in and then have it delivered to you, rather than visiting multiple websites for the information.

RSS allows you to stay current with the very latest Sirens information and announcements by delivering the news directly to your reader, so that you can then scroll through at your leisure.


How do you use RSS?

The first step is to find a “news reader.” There are many versions available for download on the Internet. Some are accessed using a browser, while others are free or paid applications. Once you have a news reader, please read the user guide for more information on subscribing to individual feeds.

You will then need to head to this page, the news page, or the site updates page and locate the RSS Feed button. Click on it to subscribe to the feed, following the instructions of your chosen reader.

Once you click on the button, you may subscribe to the RSS feed in various ways. Some news readers allow you to drag the URL of the RSS feed to the news reader; others require you to cut and paste the URL into the new feed to the news reader. It all depends upon which one you are using.


How do you get a News Reader?

There are many news readers available for download. Some are free, and others require payment. News readers work on different operating systems, so you need to take these into account when you choose your reader. You can search for “RSS news readers” on the Web by using the Google search tool below.

Note: Neither Narrate Conferences, Inc. nor Sirens is responsible for the content of external websites from which you may obtain a news reader.


Thank you

Thank you for choosing to subscribe to Sirens’s RSS feed. To catch up on previous news items, head to our news page.

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