Anti-Harassment Policy
Sirens welcomes people of all genders, sexualities, races, creeds, national origins, and identities. Our attendees represent a variety of viewpoints and perspectives, and during the conference, will frequently disagree on, and even debate, certain topics. Our attendees’ conversations are a fundamental element of Sirens, and we expect that our community will keep these conversations, as well as all other behaviors and communications, respectful.

Accordingly, Sirens does not tolerate harassment, and we reserve the right to revoke your conference registration, and all access to Sirens and its attendees, if we find you have violated that policy. We also reserve our right to contact both the Park Hyatt and the applicable authorities, should your behavior warrant doing so.

We require that all attendees read our Terms of Service in its entirety, but please note that it prohibits—both at Sirens and in all online contact involving Sirens in any way—all behavior and communications that are unlawful, threatening, harassing, abusive, obscene, libelous, defamatory, hateful, racially or ethnically derogatory, tortious, harmful or invasive of another’s privacy, or that stalk or otherwise harass anyone.

If you have any questions regarding our anti-harassment policy, please write us at (legal at

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