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Sirens Newsletter – Volume 1, Issue 2 (February 2009)

Latest News
We’re very pleased to announce that Kristin Cashore, Tamora Pierce, and Sherwood Smith will be our guests of honor in 2009. To find out more about these amazing authors, please visit the guests of honor page on the Sirens website.


This second issue of the Sirens newsletter is also our kickoff for programming! Over the coming weeks–right up until the proposal deadline of April 12, 2009–we’ll be hosting a series of posts on our LiveJournal and message boards that will guide you through the process to become a presenter. (You’re welcome to post want ads for co-presenters on Facebook, but we won’t post all of the series there.)

Here are some things you should know right away:

  • Everyone is welcome to submit a proposal for a paper, panel, roundtable, workshop, or something similar. It makes the schedule more interesting when there are presentations by scholars, professionals, and readers–we want to feature lots of different perspectives. It’s great if you’ve presented elsewhere and it’s great if it’s your very first time to step out of the audience.
  • We’ll be hosting some topic exchange posts on LiveJournal and our forums, where you can drop off ideas and pick up something that sounds interesting. Nearly all of our programming comes from the proposals attendees make and participate in!
  • We have some guidelines for presenters as far as format, length, and so on, because like all conferences, we need to fit into our reserved space and time. You can get a jump on planning by visiting the programming section of the Sirens website and reading through the links on the left.
  • As you plan your proposal, we’re happy to help with technical difficulties, answer procedural questions, and advise on special situations. The programming team is always available at (programming at
  • If you’re interested in leading a class or demonstration in the “warrior arts,” be sure to find out more about afternoon classes, too.

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on programming!


Travel Tip
There is no direct rail service to Vail, but Amtrak does serve Denver on the California Zephyr route. Greyhound provides bus service directly to Vail and stops at the station there three times daily. Passengers can transfer from the Amtrak train station in Denver. Please note that neither the Amtrak station nor the Greyhound terminal is near Denver International Airport. Transferring by shuttle or taxi from the airport to the train or bus stations costs $20–65.


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For More Information
Please feel free to contact us at (help at We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

See you in Vail!


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