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Sirens Newsletter – Volume 1, Issue 4 (April 2009)

As you know, the deadline for proposals is coming soon. Remember that you don’t need to be registered before you submit a roundtable, workshop, paper, panel, or afternoon class. We occasionally put together additional panels and the like, and we’ll be looking to those people who have already offered programming proposals. Please don’t be afraid to offer yourself up!

In the meantime, please look here and here for people who are looking for others to partner with for programming. Are you looking for a co-presenter or some panelists? Leave us a comment and we’ll play matchmaker.


Programming and General Chat
Next week, we’ll hold a chat for those interested in Sirens. We’ll have staff available to answer your questions about programming, to help you work through ideas, and to suggest topics for you to present. You’re also welcome to come and connect with other Sirens attendees. We’ll hold a few more chats before Sirens at different times and on different days of the week if you can’t make it to this one.

DATE: Sunday, April 12
TIME: 1-3 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m.-noon Pacific,

You don’t need to download anything or have any special software to participate–the page will turn into a chat room when the chat begins.


Reading List
On the Sirens website, we keep a reading list. Most of our staff have read most of these books–some of our staff have read all of these books!–and many of our attendees will have as well. Some were chosen for their influence, some for their controversy, and some simply because they’re a great read! We’ve recently updated this list, so we invite you to take a look at what we put together as a starter selection of fantasy works. We also read–a lot–so if you have favorites that aren’t on the list, please review them!


Vail Cascade Resort and Spa
Despite the economy, travel is cheaper than ever this year as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies run specials designed to make vacations affordable. Still, everyone has a budget. Here are some ideas for splurging and saving on lodging.

Your very own room at the Vail Cascade. Beautiful views of aspen on the mountainside or the glittering creek. No one stealing the spa-provided shampoo before you get to it, the refrigerator all to yourself, and all the coffee and tea you can drink while you lounge in a plush bathrobe. Cost: $109 a night for three nights, 1-2 people, totaling $327.

Roommates! There’s something especially fun about snuggling under the covers and chatting while you and friends drop off to sleep. You can sleep up to four people in a room, and still have all of the amenities. Cost: $134 a night for three nights, 3-4 people, totaling $100.50 per person split four ways.

These examples do not include tax or resort fee. More information can be found here.

The special room rate at the Vail Cascade is good from September 26 to October 6, 2009. If you have any problems making your reservation, please contact Sirens for help.

Also, we’re pleased to offer this rate to your friends and family–you don’t have to be a Sirens attendee to stay with us over the weekend. While Colorado weather is notoriously unpredictable, during the autumn in the mountains you might be able to swim in the outdoor pool in the daytime but still want a sweater and a hot drink in the hotel bar by evening. Vail offers a quiet retreat for writers, a quaint haven for shopping, and a multitude of outdoor activities, so you’re more than welcome to bring a crowd along.


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For More Information
Please feel free to contact us at (help at We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

See you in Vail!


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