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Sirens is, at its heart, a series of conversations that create a community. Many of those conversations take place as part of our programming: more than thirty hours of scholarly presentations, workshops, and prepared discussions that Sirens attendees propose and prepare in advance of Sirens, for presentation to the Sirens community. All attendees are welcome to propose programming, and if selected, to present that programming at Sirens. We do not require specific qualifications in order to present—and at Sirens, readers, scholars, librarians, educators, authors, and publishing professionals all present each year, many of them for the first time. We also specifically encourage all attendees to attend programming outside their primary discipline and to engage and discuss topics with attendees with diverse perspectives.

Sirens attendees prepare abstracts of their proposals—summaries of their topics, arguments, and conclusions—which are then reviewed by our independent vetting board. That board selects the proposals that will be included in the Sirens programming schedule each year. Our programming schedule is about the voices of our attendees, and we think that this model ensures that we feature diverse experiences, perspectives, and identities prominently at Sirens.

Programming submissions are due May 6, 2018. In the meantime, we invite all potential attendees to consider proposing a topic or two. We have presentation guidelines for proposals available, and our archive is a great place to see what other attendees have presented in the past. In early 2018, we will begin a series of posts designed to help new and returning presenters submit their best work to our vetting board, and we’ll begin community brainstorming sessions on our Twitter as well. If you have additional questions or concerns, please write us at (programming at

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