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Sirens is a conference that invites you not only to attend, but to engage. To share your thoughts about gender and fantasy literature—about transgressive witches and ambitious princesses and adventurous milkmaids. Whether you choose to speak as part of a scheduled book discussion, spontaneously over tea, or by presenting to a room of attendees, our conference is about your voice, your ideas, and your work—and your willingness to listen, to examine topics and analyses that are new to you, and to sometimes disagree.

Sirens is more than a conference, though. It is a series of conversations and an inclusive, vibrant community.

You might have a hundred conversations at Sirens, each different and more perceptive than the last. You might meet a new best friend at Sirens, a new collaborator, or a new editor. You might find yourself blown away by the wisdom that a group of women, nonbinary, and transgender people, in a space unfettered by society’s demands and limitations, has to share.

To be clear, Sirens is not a writers’ conference, though many writers attend. Similarly, Sirens is not a fan convention, though every attendee is a reader. At Sirens, you might talk books over breakfast with a librarian or scholar, attend brilliant presentations and workshops crafted by readers, share lunch with an agent or editor, and dress in your best costume (or just jeans) to dance the night away with an author at our ball. Readers, scholars, secret-keepers, farriers, grandmothers, and everyday heroines all have critical, crucial work to share—and everyone, regardless of vocation or level of experience—is encouraged to propose and, if accepted, present programming.

Sirens is sometimes very structured, sometimes less so, but always an opportunity to connect with other smart, inspiring, accomplished attendees. Please use our website to explore what Sirens is—and what it can be.

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