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Perhaps the best way to connect with the Sirens community is Twitter. Sirens has a Twitter account, @sirens_con, and many of our attendees and others interested in Sirens follow the account or use the #Sirens21 hashtag. Some of our content and features will appear only on Twitter, but note that Twitter’s algorithms and sorting will affect whether you see these extras, or even our update tweets, in your feed.

Sirens also has a Facebook page, which attendees are welcome to use to connect with other attendees. We don’t, however, recommend that you rely on our Facebook page for conference updates, because whether our posts show up in your timeline depends on algorithms and paid promotions.

For news about Sirens, please visit our News page (or add the RSS feed of our News page) or sign up for our mailing list:

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Please note that some of these services may require that you agree to a terms of service, in addition to Sirens’s Terms of Service.

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