Critical Sirens Update

Due to delays in the renovation of the Hotel Talisa in Vail, Sirens is moving to the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek for our 2017 conference. Attendees will need to make new hotel reservations at the Park Hyatt as soon as possible. Please click here for reservations and other information about this relocation.

If you’re interested in helping with Sirens, we’d love to have you! Volunteering is a great way to get to know our staff and our attendees and is a wonderful way to gain new skills. Our goal is to make volunteering a rewarding experience for everyone, whether you help out with a pre-conference project or assist our team during Sirens. Unfortunately, we cannot offer registration discounts to volunteers, and like our conference staff, you must be registered to attend to volunteer at the conference.

If you’re a returning volunteer, you do not need to use our intake form and apply again. If you’ve already joined, there’s no need to join again unless you’ve unsubscribed.

Volunteer for Sirens

Thank you in advance for contributing your time and expertise to Sirens!

Once you are a member of the Google Group, please take a moment to review the volunteer schedules linked below, which are updated periodically. Available volunteer slots and locations are marked in green. You may email your first and last name (we’ll list you as first name and last initial), your first, second, and third choices, as well as how many slots you would like to cover, to (volunteers2017 at If you and a friend want to sign up for a shift together, please make sure you both email us and indicate that you want to partner on it. You must be registered before you choose a time slot!

A way you can help is listed below, with sample responsibilities.

  • Stay in a room for entire programming sessions and the breaks between. Shifts range from 2–3 hours, depending on the schedule. Room monitors greet presenters and make them comfortable; announce presenters and provide them with a five-minute warning before time is up; help latecomers find a seat quietly, or let them know that there are no more seats to be had and which alternative programming they might like; monitor whether or not a session’s attendees have badges; contact the information desk with any problems related to technology, questions, or security; and return abandoned items to the lost and found at the information desk. No experience is necessary, and room monitors may remain seated for most tasks.

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