Accessibility Policy
Sirens is committed to making our conference space accessible for attendees. We ask, as part of that commitment, that all Sirens attendees review the following policy and consider how they, too, might help make Sirens more accessible for other attendees. While Sirens must balance accessibility with the limitations of an all-volunteer team and a limited budget, we think that our community can create a welcoming space for all attendees.

This version of the Accessibility Policy is effective as of November 15, 2018.



The Sirens community was founded on respect for others, and toward that end, we ask that all Sirens attendees consider the following while attending Sirens:

  • Please don’t linger in doorways, and please make sure that hallways are always passable for those who require additional space to move around.
  • Please leave the first and last rows of presentations, and the seating near the doorways at keynote addresses, free for those who may need them.
  • Please don’t assume that anyone needs assistance. If someone seems like they could use a hand, please ask before assisting.
  • Please respect people’s privacy. Some people may not want to discuss their personal lives or have their photograph taken.
  • Please do not approach—or pet or otherwise handle—service animals without asking.
  • Please be aware of your fragrance use. While many people use fragrances to manage pain or stress, those same fragrances may trigger pain or discomfort in others.
  • Please wash your hands after using the restroom and before meals. This helps contain germs that affect attendees with immune system concerns.
  • Please also wash your hands after smoking. The smell of cigarette smoke bothers many attendees.
  • The program books details presenters’ preferences regarding photographs, transcription, and recordings. Please respect their wishes.
  • For those who prefer larger print, Sirens has both a .pdf of the program book and magnifying sheets available for use.



If you are presenting programming at Sirens, please be aware that, by considering the following, you may make it easier for others to enjoy your presentation:

  • Please make sure that your lips are visible to attendees, some of whom may read lips.
  • Please use the microphone, even if you think it’s not necessary. (Attendees should note that small presentation rooms and small-group discussions may not have microphones, but other presentation rooms will.)
  • Please consider using high-color contrast in projected presentations. It makes your text easier to read.
  • Please consider captioning any audio and describing your images aloud.
  • Please warn audiences before flashing or strobe effects in your presentations.
  • Presentation podiums and tables allow presenters to sit or stand while presenting. Please feel free to do either, as is comfortable for you.



  • The main level of the Hilton Inverness Hotel, including the main conference space for Sirens, the hotel lobby, and the parking lot, is flat. Please note, however, that accessing the hotel’s guest rooms, some of the hotel’s dining options, and the Sirens Studio space requires use of stairs or an elevator. If you are able to use the stairs, we invite you to do so; that way, those who need the elevators may more easily access them.
  • The Hilton Inverness Hotel offers ADA-compliant guest rooms. If you would like one, please inquire with the hotel when making your reservation.
  • The hallways at the Hilton Inverness Hotel can be long. Please ask the hotel if you would like a guest room close to the elevators. (There are places to stop and sit along long hallways, but if you will want to avoid long walks, a room near the central elevators might be helpful.)
  • The conference space at the Hilton Inverness Hotel uses fluorescent lighting.
  • Sirens has little control over the temperature of the Hilton Inverness Hotel conference space. Attendees should consider packing layers for comfort.
  • Restrooms are located near both the main conference and Sirens Studio spaces. Unfortunately, the Hilton Inverness Hotel does not have a gender-neutral restroom; Sirens supports your use of the bathroom that is most comfortable for you.
  • Sirens takes attendees’ dietary restrictions very seriously. When we have finalized our menus with the Hilton Inverness Hotel, we will contact all attendees to inquire whether they could eat safely from our menus and to discuss any needed accommodations. The Hilton Inverness Hotel’s restaurants can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance, and gluten-free.
  • Sirens generally does not use stages for presenters. In the event that we return to using elevated stages, we will request that a ramp be present.
  • Please note that the Hilton Inverness Hotel is generally carpeted.
  • Please visit the Hilton Inverness Hotel’s amenities page for more information about their accessibility policies and options.

If you have any questions regarding our accessibility policy, please write us at (legal at

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