We’re pleased to provide complimentary Sirens downloads for use by everyone. Please use the following avatars, buttons, banners, icons, and desktops—and feel free to share them, too! Thank you for supporting Sirens by using our images.

Avatars (50 x 50)

Avatar: Sirens - black book white Avatar: Sirens - Reader Logo Avatar: Sirens - Logo Avatar: Sirens - Hero Logo Avatar: Sirens - red book white

Journal Icons (100 x 100)

Journal icon: Starburst Logo Journal icon: Reader Logo Journal icon: Book Journal icon: Hero Logo Journal icon: Logo


Buttons (88 x 31)

88 x 31 Button 88 x 31 Button 88 x 31 Button 88 x 31 Button

Banners (234 x 60, 468 x 60)

Banners (150 x 150, 200 x 200, 250 x 250)

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