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At Sirens, we’re committed to keeping the cost of attendance as low as possible for all attendees. Because of that commitment, we run an usual budget structure: the costs of presenting Sirens far exceed our registration revenue. In fact, every time someone registers, we lose money!

Each year, registration revenue covers approximately 65% of the costs of presenting Sirens. We raise the remaining funds necessary to continue providing this welcoming, inclusive space to discuss gender and fantasy literature from a number of other sources: monetary donations, auction proceeds, and merchandise and bookstore purchases.

While this may seem unusual, we’ve chosen to budget this way in order to keep our registration prices down. That way, people who might not be able to afford a higher registration price are able to attend.

But each year, we break even only through the tremendous generosity of those in the Sirens community who are able to provide additional support.

And you can help! Here’s how:

  • Monetary Donations: Each year, we raise roughly 30% of the budget shortfall in monetary donations alone. (Please note that this total does not include scholarship fundraising, which is dedicated to providing scholarships, not defraying the costs of presenting Sirens.)

  • Auction Donations: Each year, we raise an incredible 65% of the budget shortfall in auction proceeds. Big-hearted members of the Sirens community spend their time sourcing or crafting unusual, unique, original, or simply fun items for our auction, and then folks bid lavishly on these items at Sirens.

  • Merchandise and Bookstore Purchases: The proceeds from our merchandise and bookstore sales at Sirens support the conference as well, and help close the remaining gap in our budget.

If you are able to provide support, thank you! Both our team and the Sirens community are so appreciative of your helping us continue to provide Sirens.

Monetary Donations - Auction - Narrate Bookstore - Tax Deductions


Monetary Donations

Each year, Sirens raises thousands of dollars in monetary donations. If you support Sirens’s mission of providing an annual space for discussion of gender and fantasy literature and you are able to give financially, we hope that you will consider making a monetary donation. Every little bit helps, and we are happy to accept donations in any amount.

Amount (in $USD):
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If you leave this field blank, we will credit you as “Anonymous.”

All donations go directly to Sirens, and Sirens uses donations exactly the same way it uses registration proceeds: to purchase the goods and services necessary to present Sirens. Your donation might help fund a keynote lunch, attendees’ program books, insurance, or even printer cartridges.

If you are considering supporting Sirens through donations, thank you! It means the world to both our team and the Sirens community.

Monetary Donations - Auction - Narrate Bookstore - Tax Deductions



Each year, we raise thousands of dollars in auction proceeds that go a very long way toward helping Sirens keep the cost of its registration as low as possible, while continuing to break even. Our auction features a wide array of items of interest to our attendees: manuscript and query letter critiques, original artwork, advance reader copies, works of skilled craftsmanship, geeky makeup and socks, and more. For more information about the Sirens auction, the types of items Sirens attendees might find interesting, and how to donate, please see our Auction page.

Monetary Donations - Auction - Narrate Bookstore - Tax Deductions


Narrate Bookstore

In 2012, Narrate Conferences, the 501(c)(3) charitable organization that presents Sirens, began offering a bookstore during Sirens. Each year, we conduct extensive research and hand-select nearly 2,000 individual titles to make available during Sirens: amazing fantasy and scholarly works written by amazing women and nonbinary authors. The bookstore’s proceeds, of course, support Sirens.

Sirens attendees can support Sirens by supporting the Narrate Bookstore. We operate a section dedicated to gently used fantasy books by or about women, stocked entirely by friends of Sirens. We also have people who want to make sure that our bookstore has certain new books or who just like to help us out by covering some of the costs of purchasing those new books. To learn more about the Narrate Bookstore, and for more information about how you can help stock our bookstore, please see our Narrate Bookstore page.

Monetary Donations - Auction - Narrate Bookstore - Tax Deductions


Tax Deductions

Narrate Conferences, Inc., the presenting organization behind Sirens, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Therefore, all donations to Sirens—whether monetary or in-kind—are eligible for tax deduction in accordance with U.S. law.

Monetary Donations - Auction - Narrate Bookstore - Tax Deductions

Presented by Narrate Conferences, Inc.
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