Sirens Sirens
October 8–11, 2015
Denver, Colorado
rebels poem There once was a rebel... who was a woman.


In fantasy literature, women are revolutionary. They are queens, soldiers, assassins, and monsters. They are clever, kind, bold, and daring. They adventure, they conjure, they rule, and they rise. These diverse women inhabit worlds different from our own, where women authors have given them extraordinary opportunities: to grow, to lead, to fight, and sometimes to save the world.

Sirens is a conference dedicated to the remarkable women of fantasy literature: readers, authors, publishing professionals, scholars, educators, librarians, and even characters. Each year, we gather to discuss topics related to women and fantasy literature, from how women engage with books to representations of diversity in fantasy literature, from women as political actors to the limitations that we place, even now, on female characters. Sirens is a place of many conversations, and we hope you join us!

For 2015, Sirens’s theme is rebels and revolutionaries, as we celebrate the battles and bravery of women both fantastically fictional and extraordinarily real. While Sirens always addresses the vast breadth of women in fantasy literature, each year, we invite three authors who have written powerfully on our selected theme. In 2015, Rae Carson, Kate Elliott, and Yoon Ha Lee will attend Sirens as our guests of honor.

Sirens will take place October 8–11, 2015, at The Inverness Hotel in south Denver, Colorado. We think you will find the Inverness cozy and inviting, with many spaces for chatting and a gracious staff. Your free time during Sirens can be spent exploring the hotel’s grounds, relaxing in the spa, working out in the health club or pool, or taking the hotel’s complimentary shuttle to nearby shopping and dining.

Our website’s sections will introduce you to the many aspects of Sirens: our conference events, our attendee-presented programming, our registration process, our reading list, and connecting with other attendees. If you would like to learn more about the previous six years of Sirens, please visit our archive. If you are looking for additional information or assistance, we look forward to hearing from you.


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