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The core of Sirens is the numerous conversations that take place both within and outside our conference schedule. Many of those conversations will occur as part of our programming, which will constitute most of our schedule during the Friday and Saturday of Sirens. We invite all attendees to propose and present that programming, and most of our programming is, in fact, prepared and presented by Sirens attendees for other attendees. There are no special qualifications required in order to present, and we hope that all Sirens attendees—readers, scholars, librarians, educators, authors, and publishing professionals, among others—will consider proposing and, if selected, presenting on a topic or two. For more information about presenting, please see the Programming section of our website.

Beyond programming, Sirens features keynote addresses, events, and other activities. The Sirens team creates these other events, and all of these events are, like programming, included with the registration fee as part of Sirens. Please read below for more information on these events and activities.

Finally, if you would like to extend your Sirens experience, we offer two additional, ticketed events prior to Sirens: the Sirens Studio, which includes workshop intensives and discussion time for readers, writers, and professionals, and the Sirens Supper, which is a chance for attendees to socialize over dinner.


Sirens Keynote Addresses, Events, and Activities

Afternoon Tea
After a day of travel, join us for a Thursday afternoon of tea and conversation in our community room. Our bookstore will open Thursday afternoon as well, and this is a terrific opportunity to meet new and returning members of the Sirens community over tea and book talk.

Welcome Reception
Our Welcome Reception on Thursday evening is the official opening of Sirens. We invite all attendees to join us for a dessert reception, which is followed by our team’s brief remarks and Violet Kupersmith’s keynote address.

Books and Breakfast
Each year, Sirens selects tremendous, controversial, and popular books within our theme and invites attendees to bring their breakfast to a book discussion. Books and Breakfast will be held on Friday, October 26. We will announce the selected books in 2018.

Friday Lunch
All attendees are invited to join us for lunch and Kameron Hurley’s keynote address.

Author Signings
During Sirens, we set aside time for attendees to seek autographs and conversations with our guests of honor. You’re welcome to bring your own books for signing, or purchase books or bookplates from our bookstore.

Book Talk with Sirens
Narrate Conferences, Inc., the 501(c)(3) charitable organization that presents Sirens, offers a Sirens bookstore full of fantasy works by women and nonbinary authors. The proceeds from the bookstore go toward supporting Sirens (thereby reducing registration costs for all attendees), so we hope that you’ll come shop. Amy Tenbrink, one of Sirens’s founders, will be on hand throughout the weekend to chat books, provide recommendations, and enthusiastically put a stack of great books by women and nonbinary authors in your hands.

Bedtime Stories
On Friday night, we ask our guests to present their work, whether that’s through a reading, a discussion of inspiration, or an exploration of craft. Most often, guests read from published or unpublished work, but in the past our guests have presented eloquently on other topics, such as their writing process or the importance of “home” as a theme.

Saturday Breakfast
All attendees are invited to join us for breakfast and Anna-Marie McLemore’s keynote address.

Saturday Tea
All attendees are invited to join us for afternoon tea and Leigh Bardugo’s keynote address.

Reunion Ball
Don your finest—whether that’s your favorite ballgown, an elaborate costume, or just jeans—and come to the Reunion Ball on Saturday night. We’ll have dancing, of course, as well as a quiet area nearby for conversation, and both the Murder Mystery and the silent auction will take place during the Reunion Ball.

Murder Mystery
Something wicked this way comes, indeed. Murder is so often on the schedule at the annual Convention for All-Powerful Witches, and this is year is, predictably, the same. Can you gather clues, unravel the plot, and deduce the killer? Our Murder Mystery will take place during our Reunion Ball, and we hope you come ready to play!

Sirens’s Auction
Each year, people donate items to Sirens’s auction, and Sirens auctions off those items and uses the proceeds to cover Sirens’s expenses (thereby reducing registration costs for all attendees). Our auction begins on Thursday afternoon with buy-it-now items in our community room, and continues with a silent auction of all items during our Reunion Ball. Especially fabulous items will be auctioned off live at our Sunday Breakfast—where the auction is often rowdy and the bidding furious. The auction raises thousands of dollars for Sirens, and we hope you’ll consider donating an item or two.

Sunday Breakfast
We’ll close Sirens with breakfast, a live auction, and our closing remarks. All attendees are invited to join us for breakfast before buying a few last-minute books and heading home. Sirens will end at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday.

...and More
As Sirens’s schedule takes shape, we will develop additional activities to enhance our programs. In the past, these activities have included crafting, hiking, hot tub time, writing challenges, interactive workshops, and fantasy-themed games.

Presented by Narrate Conferences, Inc.
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