A decade ago, we created Sirens as a space to support and discuss the remarkable, diverse women of fantasy literature. As past Sirens attendees know, critical to that mission is including and amplifying a wide array of voices in our community.

Each of the past few years, the Sirens community has raised funds sufficient to provide a number of Sirens scholarships—both registrations and round-trip Sirens Shuttle tickets—to people of color, to those submitting exemplary programming presenters, to those with financial hardships, and librarians, educators, and publishing professionals. We hope to match—or even surpass—that generosity for Sirens in 2019!

We are asking for your help! We want to provide twelve Sirens scholarships this year. To do so, we need to raise almost $4,400. That amount will provide a Sirens registration and a round-trip Sirens Shuttle ticket to each recipient.

We are accepting scholarship donations through November 30, 2018.

Can you help us reach our goal of including more voices in Sirens?

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You can donate any amount to these scholarships, and if you choose to donate—no matter the amount—we will feature you, under your chosen name (or anonymously), on our website and in our 2019 conference program book. More importantly, both our Sirens team and our community will be grateful for your commitment both to those who might not otherwise be able to attend Sirens and to the inclusiveness of our community.


Why Offer Scholarships?

Sirens is an in-person conference, and attendance requires funds—which means that not everyone who wishes to is able to join us. Their absence makes both our conference and our community less vibrant, less diverse, and less inclusive.

While Sirens could fund these scholarships itself, doing so would require that we raise registration prices for everyone. As that would make it impossible for even more people to attend Sirens, we instead raise scholarship funds from those in the Sirens community who are able to provide a bit more support. Fortunately, the Sirens community has been tremendously generous in helping others find the means necessary to attend.


Types of Scholarships

We’re hoping to receive enough funds to cover the following proposed scholarships, designed to serve a number of potential attendees. But in the event that we don’t, we will fund scholarships in the following order:

  • Con or Bust
    People of color live in a world that often tells them that they don’t belong or that their voices don’t matter. One way to support including people of color at Sirens and amplifying their voices is to provide scholarships specifically for them. Con or Bust is a tremendous organization that helps people of color/non-white people attend science fiction and fantasy conventions. Sirens hopes to provide Con or Bust with three Sirens registrations and round-trip Sirens Shuttle tickets in order to help people of color/non-white people attend Sirens. Con or Bust will allocate these scholarships according to its rules.

  • Programming Presenters
    Every voice at Sirens is vital to the vibrancy, diversity, and inclusiveness of our conversations, but we always appreciate the skill, talent, and expertise that our accepted programming presenters have volunteered to share with our community. We’d like to again recognize exemplary programming proposals with financial support. This year, Sirens hopes to award three people who submit exemplary programming proposals with a Sirens registration and round-trip Sirens Shuttle ticket. (Selected presentations with co-presenters who have opted in for scholarship eligibility may share the funds across selected presenters.) These are merit-based scholarships and will be selected by a committee. Please note that, if you’ve received a programming scholarship in the last two years, you are not eligible this year (though your co-presenters may be).

  • Financial Hardship
    People sometimes say that money makes the world go round; we’d like to counter with the idea that generosity makes the world go round. Not all individuals who wish to attend Sirens can afford to do so, and you can help make Sirens a possibility for those who can’t. Sirens would like to award as many selected recipients as possible with a Sirens registration and round-trip Sirens Shuttle ticket, in the hopes that this will enable them to attend Sirens in the fall. These scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants by random selection. Please note that, if you’ve received a financial hardship scholarship in the last two years, you are not eligible this year.

  • Professionals
    Librarians, educators, and publishing professionals so often provide exceptional services to book-loving communities—and are, especially at the beginning of their careers or when working for underserved populations, so often paid poorly for their efforts. Therefore, we would like to raise funds to provide a Sirens registration and round-trip Sirens Shuttle ticket to one librarian, one educator, and one publishing professional (including agents and booksellers). Their work—and their voices—are critically important to our conversations. These scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants by random selection. Please note that, if you’ve received a professionals scholarship in the last two years, you are not eligible this year.


Scholarship Policies

As Sirens operates under the auspices of Narrate Conferences, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all donations are eligible for tax deduction within the United States. Sirens staff are, of course, not eligible for scholarships (and, in fact, purchase their Sirens registrations and tickets like any other attendee). Any leftover or unclaimed funds will be considered donations to Sirens. If you have any questions or concerns, please write us at (donate at

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