Sirens Sirens
October 8–11, 2015
Denver, Colorado
rebels poem There once was a rebel... who was a woman.


Sirens’s programming—the topics that are part of our official schedule—is proposed and presented by our attendees and guests of honor. As a general rule, and unlike other events, Sirens does not arrange programming or select programming topics. Instead, our attendees submit proposals and we engage an independent vetting board to review those proposals and select our schedule.

We do not require specific qualifications for proposing and presenting programming. Instead, we simply require that topics be thoughtfully prepared and presented. Scholars, professionals, educators, librarians, authors, and readers all present at Sirens, and we hope that you will consider doing so. The voice of each of our attendees is vital to our conference, our community, and our conversations.

Programming topics can take a variety of forms, from the presentation of academic papers to interactive workshops, from panels to roundtable discussions. If you are interested in presenting, please review presentation guidelines, our archives of past programming, and vetting board pages. In early 2015, we will provide additional assistance for presenters, as well as brainstorming sessions; please keep an eye on our blog. If you have additional questions or concerns, please write us at (programming at

Programming submissions are due May 15, 2015.


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