Sirens Sirens
October 16–19, 2014
Near Portland, Oregon
hauntings poem There once was a specter... who was a woman.
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Programming Information

Sirens is presented by Narrate Conferences, Inc., an educational 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing together diverse groups to share their knowledge, skills, and perspectives. We feel strongly that authors, readers, teachers, librarians, publishing industry professionals, and others have a wealth of experience to share, and we invite all potential Sirens attendees to propose papers, panels, workshops, and roundtable discussions for inclusion in our programming schedule. When we refer to programming, we generally mean the scholarly studies, papers, panels, workshops, and discussions proposed by attendees and selected by our vetting board.

All of Sirens's programming will be presented by attendees or our guests of honor. We have no required qualifications to submit, other than that the presenter be of age to attend the conference; instead, we simply require that all proposals be thoughtfully prepared for presentation. A vetting board representing the diversity of interests of our attendees will review all proposals to determine which to include in the 2014 programming schedule for Sirens.

The submissions deadline for our 2014 conference was May 12, 2014. For reference, you may find our Call for Proposals, presentation guidelines, conference archives, and vetting board pages on our website, and if you still have questions or concerns, we welcome inquiries at (programming at


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