Sirens Sirens
October 16–19, 2014
Near Portland, Oregon
hauntings poem There once was a specter... who was a woman.
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The Sirens online submission system is closed for the 2014 conference. Thank you to everyone who made a proposal! The vetting board will provide decisions by June 9; if you have any questions, please write to (programming at

If you are interested in presenting in the future, we invite you to review the information and links below for the 2014 conference. Future information will be available in December of 2014.

If you're submitting a paper, lecture, panel, workshop, roundtable discussion, afternoon class, or combination presentation, you'll need to:

  • read our home page to understand the conference's purpose and audience, and the programming and archives pages for more information about Sirens programming in general;
  • read our Call for Proposals and guidelines page, and understand the vetting process and timeline;
  • write to the programming team at (programming at with any questions you need addressed in order to complete your proposal;
  • gather email addresses of any co-presenters, who will receive an invitation to input their individual names, additional titles, biographies, summaries, and abstracts to complete your submission;
  • determine a final title for your entire submission;
  • prepare 50–100 words of summary to be listed on our website and in our program book;
  • prepare a biography of 50–100 words for our website and program book; and
  • prepare your abstract (or abstracts, in the case of pre-empaneled sets of papers) of 300–500 words. Those proposing to lead a roundtable discussion, and panel moderators, may submit 10–15 sample questions in lieu of a formal abstract, and workshop and afternoon class leaders may submit lesson plans instead of abstracts; and
  • click the following button (which will appear if the system is open) to enter our submissions system.


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