Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures for Sirens in 2021, including vaccine and negative COVID-19 test requirements.

Sirens, a conference dedicated to examining gender and fantasy literature, is a speculative space unlike any you’ve ever known.

We are dedicated to discussing and celebrating the remarkable work of women, nonbinary, and transgender people in fantasy literature and other speculative spaces.

We are committed to the fundamental premise that every voice—every reader, every scholar, every librarian or educator or publishing professional or author—has valid, valuable thoughts to share.

We are committed to including people with diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities in our conversations and community.

We are as smart as a scholarly conference, as passionate as a fan convention, and as ambitious as a networking weekend, with just a bit of the respite of a personal retreat.

Like so many of you, we dream big and bold and bright.

In 2021, we will present our thirteenth year of Sirens, and we hope that you’ll be a part of it! Our theme will be villains—specifically the intersections of gender, ambition, and power, and what it means for women, nonbinary, and transgender people to live in defiance of stereotypes.

Our 2021 guests of honor are brilliant, each with incisive, thoughtful achievements in their fields: Dr. Kinitra D. Brooks, Rin Chupeco, Sarah Gailey, and Fonda Lee, and for the Sirens Studio, Joamette Gil. As we delve into gender and villainy—in addition to a thousand other topics related to gender and fantasy literature, and speculative spaces—we think you’ll find our guests and their work critical to your conversations.

So please, explore our website, tackle our reading challenge, consider proposing a presentation, and join us in Denver in October!

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Meet Our Guests of Honor

“Upon arriving at Sirens, everyone was so welcoming and kind, and as I listened to the opening remarks, I realized that I was, for the first time in my life, in the perfect place. I was surrounded by amazing people who loved literature and fantasy and recognize the strength in women and nonbinary people. I remember crying, because I had never felt so at home anywhere in my life.”
—Katie Passerotti

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