Critical Sirens Update

Due to delays in the renovation of the Hotel Talisa in Vail, Sirens is moving to the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek for our 2017 conference. Attendees will need to make new hotel reservations at the Park Hyatt as soon as possible. Please click here for reservations and other information about this relocation.

Programming Compendium
Periodically, Narrate Conferences, the 501(c)(3) charitable organization that presents Sirens, will publish the Sirens proceedings as a compendium. We invite presenters to submit their presentations for publication, whether those presentations are formal scholarly papers, question lists from roundtable discussions, reports from panels, or materials from workshops or afternoon classes. While not all presenters will participate in the Sirens compendium, each compendium will contain a sample of the programming offered at Sirens.

Currently, the first Sirens compendium, Sirens: Collected Papers 2009–2011, is available. During these years of Sirens, attendees examined warriors, faeries, and monsters, as well as broader topics related to woman and fantasy literature. You may review the table of contents here. To purchase a copy of the compendium, please visit, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon; Narrate also makes the compendium available at Sirens.

Papers from recent years of Sirens are currently being assembled into a compendium. To review other compendia that are currently available from Narrate Conferences, please visit Narrate’s compendia page.

Each year, accepted presenters will receive information about participating in the compendium shortly before Sirens, and presentations are due in mid-November of each year. If you have questions about participating in the compendium, please write to us at (programming at

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